Pick the Perfect Cabin for You

Come to Arkansas! Tucked in the northern Arkansas Mountain region where the Buffalo River flows you will find two fabulous cabins.

Ozark Cabin Buffalo Cabin

Cabin Comparison             Decisions     …     Which Cabin?

  1. 1600 sq ft mountain cabin
  2. rustic natural oak with rock floors
  3. outdoor hot tub.
  4. Rustic.
  5. Closer to Ozark Highlands Trail 
  6. Close to major hiking trails.  
  7. Close to Buffalo River and Mulberry River.
  8. Backs up to the Ozark National Forest. 
  9. Wood fireplace, firewood supplied 
  10. Located south of Boxley Valley. 
  11. Within 35 minutes of Clarksville and I-40.
  12. Pets are welcome.
  13. Neighbor dogs come over to “protect you.”
  14. steamer shower.
  15. High Chair and porta-crib
  16. Secluded peaceful retreat

  1. 2100 sq ft mountain cabin
  2. log cabin
  3. outdoor hot tub.
  4. Refined.
  5. Closer to Jasper activities.
  6. Close to major hiking trails.   
  7. Buffalo River is 15 mins away
  8. Backs up to the Buffalo Nat’l Park.
  9. Gas fireplace
  10. Northeast of Boxley Valley.
  11. Closer to canoe outfitters.
  12. Restaurants are 15 mins away.
  13. Horseback riding facilities are closer
  14. Secluded yet close to everything

How are both cabins similar?
  • Both are a romantic places to spend a honeymoon, celebrate an anniversary, a birthday or just kick back, relax, and renew one's soul.

  •  Both are close to Buffalo River, major hiking trails, swimming holes, and caves.

  •  Both are equally secluded.

  •  No neighbors within sight.

  •  Both on 20 private acres.

  •  Both have stunning views.

  •  Both have HDTV, fully equipped kitchens

  • Comfortable king beds, two twin beds,

  • Ceiling fans in every room, central air/heat.

At Frannie’s Cabin in the Ozarks, children and adults alike adore playing with the three dogs that come over from the neighbor’s.

At “Frannie’s Cabin on the Buffalo deer spend most of the afternoon grazing in the front yard.  Cows graze in the neighboring pasture.  Rabbits live in the flowerbeds and at night raccoons play on the deck.”


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